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How to Avoid Online Fraud | Follow these tips by bet O bet




The Internet has grown in popularity in recent years, even becoming an important thing in the daily lives of most people globally. But some people still use it for scams, especially dishonest betting sites, where many players fall victim to these sites and lose huge money, thinking that they are losing because of luck, but in fact they are a victim of dishonest fraud. In this article, we will provide some tips and guidelines to avoid online fraud at the hands of illegal betting companies.

But what are sports betting?
Sports betting is the activity of predicting the outcome of sports matches. For example, we have two football teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. Some people are betting that Barcelona will win and others are betting that Real Madrid will win. After the match by score, those betting on the winning team get bonus money, and the other team loses.


The broker in this process is betting companies or as it is sometimes called a "sports book", and the term book refers to the books that the responsible companies follow to monitor bets, debts and payments. Some of these companies are legal, and others are illegal. Inexperienced teens are usually the most vulnerable to such scams, they can't deal with it, lose their money and even get into debt and have a bad reputation in this betting community.

Here are some tips to avoid online fraud
Fraudulent betting sites use dishonest methods to lure more players into scams, just to make more profit. However, experts can easily detect these sites, so we have brought you a unique set of tips to help you avoid these scams.

The age of the website is important
Some may resent this advice, but long-lived websites are better and safer than any other modern website, because they are more careful with their names, and they are well known in the market, but most of the time, scammers use modern websites to carry out their fraudulent schemes. This does not mean not dealing with modern sites, but it is best to make sure that they are honest to avoid fraud as much as possible.

Don't judge a book by the cover to avoid online fraud
Scam sites have a great ability to masquerade as professional and professional, you will find an excellent customer service team, great handling, professional design, and other deceptive features. So you need to make sure that they are not scammers before dealing with them, by asking about them, and even better not to deal with a new site.

Be careful in choosing the site you want to bet on
The trap that most players fall into, especially beginners, is to search on the Internet for any bookmaker, communicate with them and deposit the betting money with them. This is not true, you must check the authenticity, legitimacy, and integrity of the site.

Carefully consider the initial terms and conditions
It is normal for any site to put terms and conditions, which you should read carefully. And look at the forms of deposit bonuses. Most of the time, you will find the most popular betting companies that offer big deposit offers, but in return, the bonuses are not huge, and these bonuses often increase according to the rollover rate, which is the number of times players bet the bonus, and accordingly, they get it.


Illegal betting companies evade bonus payments to players, leaving them in a bind. In this case, players are forced to publicly claim the company on some forums such as Sportsbook Review.


However, there are many reasons that might get them out of this situation without a problem, one of which is that the other players on the losing side, have not paid the company, and therefore the company cannot transfer the bet bonus to the winning players. In the case of illegal companies, these losing players may be their followers, that is, they agree against the winning player for not giving him his due.


We conclude that, before dealing with a specific sportsbook, you have to go to the forums concerned with these bets, research their reputation, and whether they have been defamed before or not, and this is one of the best ways to avoid online fraud.

Accelerate the transaction and slow the transfer of funds Easiest fraud methods
This is a method followed by most scammers, as they ask the player to make the deal as quickly as possible, as they facilitate the process, and take a rapid ramp incompletion until the player puts his money in their hands. And one of the two happens: either this company defrauds a group of players together, and once they get the money, they close the company and run away with the money and then the player discovers they are scammers, or they pay the rewards but very slowly and give justifications that may seem logical but only to gain more time To be able to run other scams under the company name before outright evasion.

When the company name is fake leave it to avoid fraud
Many illegal betting companies use names similar to the names of international companies, so the user is deceived and treats them as this big company, and as soon as he pays his money and the deal is done, this company disappears from the world of the Internet or from existence. Therefore, anyone who wants to bet or deal with companies in general through the Internet should make sure that the site is correct, that it is not an imitation, and research the biography of the company carefully.


Finally, dealing with the Internet has become the destination of the world at the present time, but despite its advantages, it is fraught with risks, especially since there is no effective control over websites. Therefore, you have to be careful to avoid online fraud which has become very common in recent periods.


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